Referralclix Features

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With support for coupons, egift cards, points and rebates you can offer rewards that maximize participation and acquisition.

  • Automated Double Sided Rewards
  • Rewards with Expirations
  • Time based Rewards
  • Reward Criteria Engine
Easy Implementation

Easy implementation with beautiful Referral Widget and Landing Page templates

Easily create custom referral widgets and landing pages that seamlessly integrate with your ecommerce site, while matching your brand. All templates are built to optimize referral best practices and optimized for every device type.

  • Customizable Landing Pages
  • Customizable Referral Widget
  • Customizable Site Ribbons and Banners
  • Mobile, Tablet and Web Compatible
Dashboard and Reporting

Dashboard and reporting

Measure all aspect of your referral program with the metrics and data points that matter the most. Analyze Conversions, revenue, purchases, along with demographics and psychographic information. Get more granular with analytics by channel, widget, or landing page.

  • A/B Testing
  • Report Exporting
  • Advocate Self Tracking


We offer many types of social network integrations to maximize exposure and results of your referral program. From Facebook to our contact uploader, virality is baked into every widget to ensure maximum exposure and results.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • G+
  • LinkedIn
  • Contact Mass Uploader
  • Email Banner Builder
  • Custom Unique Link Shortener
  • SMS
Quick eCommerce Site Integration

Quick Ecommerce Site Integration

Simply create your widgets inside our platform, export the code, and place anywhere within your site. Little IT required so can you run and change your campaigns anytime.

  • Javascript Code Extender
Promotions and Segmentation

Promotions and Segmentation

Drive increased advocacy and sales by treating your best advocates with something extra special. Target and segment based on performance metrics that increase participation, conversions, and new sales.

  • Most Shares
  • Biggest Reach
  • Biggest Revenue Driver
  • Recent Customers
Loyalty Engine

Loyalty Engine

Deploying a points program has never been easier. Simply select points as your reward type and associating criteria you want and deploy to any widget or landing page.

  • Points Per Dollar Ratio
  • Spend to Reward Ratio
  • Depreciation
  • Point for Promotions
Mobile Optimized Referral Engine

M.O.R.E. (Mobile Optimized Referral Engine)

With our mobile application, take your referral program outside your ecommerce engine, into your store, and the hands of your salespeople. Opting in and sending referrals from your new customers has never been easier.

  • Sales and Manager Access
  • Tracking
  • SMS Opt-¬≠in for Security and Private Referring